Venice Beach Paddle Tennis Courts are under construction! Here’s what you need to know!

Here is the update from our friends at Pop Paddle Venice and Street Paddle.

The Venice Beach Paddle Tennis Community thanks Venice Beach Recreation Center and Mike Bonin’s Office for approving funds to completely replace the worn and fraying fences. Sonya Young-Jimenez, Superintendent of Venice Beach & West Region, says repairs could take 2-3 months. Phase I of this project has closed courts #4-11 while courts #1-3 remain open. Play is limited to 1 hour if other players are waiting – please be considerate!

During this construction period, our community is looking into raising funds to help the City make repairs in case the City does not have the funds to completely resurface the courts or repair the cracks.  Members of the Venice Beach Paddle Tennis Historical Committee are communicating with the City and the various groups involved with the courts to work towards having the courts renovated in the best possible way.  Stay tuned for more on these efforts!  In the meantime, there are other paddle tennis courts in Culver City at Fox Hills Park, McManus Park, Culver West Park and the main Culver City courts at Culver Blvd and Elenda Street.  In addition, there are three newly resurfaced courts at Glen Alla Park in the Marina Del Rey area.  We all need to continue to work to protect all of the paddle tennis courts in our area as they are a great resource for us all.

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Courts #1-3 remain open.

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