Thanks to the Venice Neighborhood Council Preserving Public Places Committee for putting this petition on our radar!  Let’s save the Venice Lifeguard Tower!  Sign the petition!

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Before demolishing the iconic Venice Lifeguard Station Tower, and leaving our beach with the surrounding ground floor eyesore, we’re asking the County for the opportunity to evaluate repurposing the tower to be a public site such as for a Lifeguard Oceans Museum. It’s a phenomenal observation tower. Let’s save it!

Without notice to the Venice community, LA County lifeguards, ocean ecologists or beachgoers, the LA County Department of Beaches and Harbors plans to demolish the iconic Venice Lifeguard Tower and leave our beach with the surrounding nondescript eyesore single story building.

The Tower provides a phenomenal and unmatched expansive view of the entire Santa Monica Bay.  If destroyed, it could never be replaced. It has been the pride of our lifeguards for the past 50 years. The County has disregarded the Tower’s unique outstanding qualities, its history, the scarcity of public buildings in Venice and has failed to consider alternative uses.

We are asking for the opportunity to evaluate repurposing the Tower for use as a public venue such as a Lifeguard Oceans Museum.  Private not-for-profit funds are available.

Repurposing the Lifeguard Tower as a community asset would create an exceptional cultural, environmental and educational venue for everyone, young and old, residents and visitors, to enjoy.

Initiative of:  Adjacent neighbors, LA County lifeguards, Venice Oceanarium, Dept of Historic Resources, and Venice Neighborhood Council Preserving Public Places Committee.


Photo by Regan Kibbee

Photo by Mickey Gallagher

Here are a few reasons why people are signing the petition!

I’m signing to keep a piece of venice history for our current & future residents and the lifeguards who continually put their lives on the line to protect us as we enjoy the ocean.  – Cheryl Johnson
The tower represents so much history amongst our beach-loving, lifeguard appreciating community — and people all over the world who are drawn to this iconic sight. Please save the Tower & repurpose it! Thank you. – Farley Ziegler
,I’ve lived in Venice 59 years and this building is part of my childhood. My Lennon family has lived in Venice for over 100 years. – Mark Lennon
The Venice Lifeguard Tower which I knew as Division headquarters is a land mark for training lifeguards and organizing the Ocean Safety for the public for a 36 miles of public beaches during a time span of a least 50 years.  The trend of erasing the identity of a vital community landmark for fiscal or transient disruptive ideological movements is spreading across America like a virus.  Creative planning can persevere this historic structure and still attend to fiscal needs .  Please preserve the VENICE LIFEGUARD TOWER LANDMARK . –  Bruce R Morgan retired ocean lifeguard 060050

Interested in preserving Venice History? Sign the petition here!

Thank You to Our Partners