As the  first annual Out of the Blue rages at Winston House, we have an updated lists of artists to come.  This is the last full week, so if you have not checked it out, head down for some killer shows

RSVP for all shows here!


RSVP for all shows here!

About Winston House:

Winston House was built with emerging artists in mind. The idea of playing a role in what’s next in music has always been exciting to us. With Out of the Blue, we’re proud to be doubling down on our commitment to the next generation.

For you, the music fan, Out of the Blue is an opportunity to see the big artists of the future, in a small room.

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Curated by @coreymcguire & @ikeadler

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A home for music in Venice.   Winston House began as a grassroots movement to bring more live music to Venice, CA. Before we even had a name or knew what we were doing, we were throwing concerts in living rooms because it’s what we loved to do. The growth we’ve experienced over the last few years has blown us away and we’re grateful to every single person who has supported us.

The house offers a restaurant, bar, one-of-a-kind live music experiences, and will serve as a community space for artists and music lovers.

We look forward to hosting you!

– Corey McGuire, Jake Mathews, & the Winston House Team

See you at the Winston House!


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