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The Juice Magazine 30 Year Anniversary edition is officially at the printer! Jeff Grosso is featured in tribute on the cover (Photo by Dan Levy) with an Ode to the Vans Combi pool. Featured in this edition are interviews with: Amelia Brodka interview by Brit Keller, Darren Ho interview by Steve Olson, Devo Gerald Casale interview by Jeff Ho, Garrett McNamara interview by Jeff Ho, Jake Wooten interview by Eric Dressen, Kai Lenny interview by Jeff Ho, Metallica Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo interview by Dan Levy, Jeff “Load” Stephenson (R.I.P.) interview by Jim “Murf” Murphy, Mason Silva interview by Jeff Ho, Ode To Vans Combi, Ronnie Sandoval interview by Christian Hosoi, Shark Dog interview by Jim “Murf” Murphy, Shepard Fairey interview by Dan Levy, Thomas Taylor (R.I.P) interview by Jim “Murf” Murphy and VC Johnson interview by Dan Levy, and Juice 30 Year Skateboarding and Punk Rock photos by Juice Dan Levy of Daewon Song, Grace Marhoefer, Tony Hawk, Andy MacDonald, Mitchie Brusco, Patlanta, Greyson Fletcher, Darren Navarrette, Jim “Murf” Murphy, Slayer, Lance Mountain, Suicidal Tendencies, Blake Johnson, Sonny Rodriguez, Alex Olson, Omar Hassan, All Nations Skate Jam, Louie Lopez, Christian Hosoi, Steve Caballero, Mark “Otis” Smith, Steve Alba, Jesse Martinez, Dave “Science Fair” Maxwell, Ben Raybourn, Keith Morris, Circle Jerks, Danny Way, Val LaForge, Buddy Guy, Leandre Sanders and Steve Olson. Thanks to all of our subscribers, advertisers, benefactors and readers for the last three decades of support!

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