James Evans and Daniel Samakow are hosting a pop up exhibit of Daniel’s paintings and prints, Thursday August 17 from 6:00 – til 9:00 at 444 Carroll Canal for the August Art Crawl.
The couple who owned and operated JAMES’ BEACH restaurant hope to see old friends and new faces while they serve lemonade made from their 100 year old lemon tree in Venice. Patrons of James’ Beach are familiar with Daniel’s work which often tells the story of the two owners’ lives in Venice or from their travels. “Daniel’s art is very special“ says James. “ A lot of his pieces share several attributes; a focus on light, great colors,unique angles and perspectives and a sense of happiness and calm that embodies our life in Venice. They are very personal, but also universally appreciated.”
Regarding James’ Beach, James says “we loved being part of the community, creating special events and seeing so many friends every night for 26 years. We were so lucky to have such a wonderful adventure including operating our other restaurants Canal Club and Danny’s. Now we feel even luckier to be alive, healthy and having an opportunity to explore new adventures.” Daniel spoke about his thoughts on the Art Crawl. “ As one of the founders of the Venice Art Crawl (VAC) I’m so happy to be able to participate more than 12 years since it began. The idea of pop up artist exhibits giving artists a way to have their work seen still is exciting.”

Photo courtesy of James’ Beach

Regarding his return to painting after 26 years of operating restaurants, he noted: “Being able to focus on painting has been a dream for a long time, and this dream is just beginning. I love my life in Venice with James and our dog Brandy and painting allows me to capture wonderful moments of this life for all time and then share those feelings with so many. I’m thrilled to show new work and also offer up familiar painting and prints for sale. I’ve just finished a painting of “Being on the Canals” to celebrate this moment. It was inspired by recently watching the film, “I Love You, Man” from a barge on as part of the wonderful Movies on the Canals series. I loved looking at the beautiful houses from the boat. I’m going to make a limited number of prints of this piece and limit it to only be available this one time”.
Daniel used to hand draw the maps for the Venice Art Crawl and he has done the map for this year’s August crawl through the Canals.
The VAC is still looking for more spaces to exhibit work. If you live on the canals and have a front yard, garage or area that you’d like to exhibit a Venice artist’s work, please go to the VAC website:
www.Veniceartcrawl.com and let them know.
The August Venice Art Crawl is being held Thursday, August 17 from 6 – 10pm. Go on line for more information at www.Venice ArtCrawl.com
Daniel and James will be at 444 Carroll Canal from 6:00 pm til it’s too dark!

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See you at the Venice Art Crawl on Aug. 17th!  View full list of art events and map here!

@dansamakow had a blast creating the map for the last art crawl of this year, which is happening on August 17th from 6-10pm & we absolutely love it! So many amazing artists will be exhibiting, look at the 2nd photo to see where all the artists will be placed!

See you there!  For more info:  VeniceArtCrawl.com

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