Venice Paparazzi has been doing business with Brennan’s since 2018 and we can confirm that the Turtles there have it made.  Their herpetarium (yup that’s where turtles live) is zoo level, and their “work” consists of two short evenings a month walking a few meters. The rest of the time they lay around, eat, and go swimming with gold fish.   Anyway, here is what is happening:

Animal Welfare Groups Plan Protest Against Turtle Racing. On Thursday, March 21, while patrons inside the old school Marina del Rey bar cheer for whichever turtle they’ve placed bets on, animal welfare groups will be standing outside to voice their opposition. In Defense of Animals, Los Angeles for Animals and the Los Angeles Animal Defense League plan to bring pamphlets, signs, megaphones and approximately 50 protestors. .  View full story by Zach Armstrong on

Here is a message from Brennan’s Pub & Artisanal Brewers Collective’s Sean Phagan.

When we purchased Brennan’s Pub seven years ago, we found the long-term resident turtles were living in an inadequate habitat. They were not well cared for, and some were in poor health. We consulted with some of the region’s foremost turtle experts, and spent lots of time and quite a bit of money building them a new habitat with room to swim, sunbathe, and live the good life. This project was not easy, but we did it with joy in keeping with our decades-long commitment to centering vegan menu options, donating to animal welfare organizations, and similar efforts to promote the well-being of our non-human neighbors on Earth.
We’re proud to say that today the turtles are thriving. They are much healthier in their new home, and we have a certified veterinary technician on our staff who oversees their care. We are careful to monitor them closely, including every other week when some of them race and raise money for charities. We are proud to say that the turtles help us raise as much as $30,000 per year for good causes!
On race nights, our turtles are out of their habitat very briefly, and never for more than about ten minutes. None of them are required to race, as sometimes they prefer to nap or socialize while the others compete. 
We hope that anyone who is concerned about them, or who just wants to say hello, will stop by.

Photo courtesy of Brennan’s

Forty-five years in, and over $300,000 raised for charity.

Come visit us on the 1st and 3rd Thursday and take part in the tradition with us. But remember—don’t point!

About Brennan’s Turtle Races:  Yeah, turtle races. It’s the real sport of kings, and it’s found its home here at Brennan’s for 45 years. In 1975, then-owner Ab Lawrence brought “the world’s stupidest sport” to Marina del Rey as a lark, hoping that he could attract a few people for a couple of weeks. But the turtles knew how to draw a crowd, so the races kept going.

Here’s how it works!  Every first and third Thursday, the turtles come out of their turtle sanctuary and start limbering up.  Come 8:30pm, the first race starts and three turtles will enter the center of the ring. First one that makes it out of circle wins. It’s as simple as that!

View video below for turtle race action.


Join Brennan’s every first and third Thursday of the month!

Root on your favorite. Whether it’s Rudy, Cooper, Lady Grace, Lucy, Marley, MacLeod, Lena, Banjo or Wayne.  Come have some turtle fun, awesome beer, cocktails & why not a pizza too?!

All proceeds from the races go directly to a good cause, so come on out and show your support!  Don’t forget to get here early to grab a good spot and a drink before the race! We’ll see you there! For more info:

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