Winston House – A home for music in Venice, is leveling up dinner on Windward with Mama’s Boy, an I-talian red neck, red sauce, Texas inspired menu.  

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From Eater Los Angeles:

“Meanwhile, at Winston House, the moody supper club and live music venue that opened in 2021, Whitsell continues to draw from his Texas upbringing with a new concept called Mama’s Boy. “It’s a small menu, but it’s pretty focused and speaks to ‘I-talian’ — what we call it in Texas,” says Whitsell. The red sauce menu includes wafer-thin pizzas just like what Whitsell’s father used to prepare and manicotti filled with cottage and ricotta cheeses and then topped with venison ragu, a dish Whitsell’s mom made during his childhood. Pimento cheese arancini, cornmeal fried oysters, and pasta, like a smoked brisket agnolotti, round out the food offerings.”

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Winston House offers one-of-a-kind live music experiences, a full-service bar with incredible Asian-fusion bites. Opened in August 2021 at 23 Windward Avenue, the house serves as a community space for artists and music lovers alike.

Our electric bar menu paired with feel-good classic dishes is nothing short of a fun time. From our famous duck tacos, fried chili chicken sandwich, and the crowd-favorite cheese balls, this classic American bar menu with a hint of Asian influence is an exquisite pairing to our beverage menu. Craft cocktails, Californian wines, and refreshing beers that we hope excite each and every diner.

Every dollar spent goes directly to our mission of bringing more live music to Venice, CA. Your support means the world to us and we look forward to seeing you soon! Thank you.

– Corey McGuire, Jake Mathews, & The Winston House Team


About Winston House:

Winston House began as a grassroots movement to bring more live music to Venice, CA. Before we had a name or knew what we were doing, we were throwing concerts in living rooms because it’s what we loved to do. The growth we’ve experienced over the last few years has blown us away and we’re grateful to every single person who has supported us.

“During the summer of 2015, I opened up my house to a group of young artists who were new to Venice, CA. They had moved from Oregon to pursue music and needed a place to crash. Having recently moved from the Pacific Northwest myself, I was familiar with showing up in a city not knowing anybody. People helped me when I moved to LA and I wanted to pay it forward. “Helping” started with giving couches, food & advice. Soon it turned into hosting shows where they could share their music and make friends.

In February 2016, we made a logo and called ourselves Winston House, named after my childhood dog. Since then, we’ve helped hundreds of emerging artists and had the privilege to work with some of the biggest artists in the world. You can see some of those artists here. Perhaps more than anywhere in the world, LA is a destination for people who are willing to leave their home, family & friends behind to pursue a passion. Trying to make it on your own is almost always an isolating and lonely experience.

Winston House is a home away from home for those people and anyone who loves music”.


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