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FREEDOM is an exhibition celebrating Juneteenth that reflects on the African-American journey toward freedom, past, present and future. Lamenting the lives lost in the struggle towards freedom and honoring those who fought for us to hold the freedoms we have today. We celebrate Juneteenth with joy and with art in this exhibition showcasing perspectives on freedom by fifteen of Los Angeles’ finest Black artists who have come together to explore the concept of freedom through their artwork, each offering a unique perspective. Through their art, they raise poignant questions and give cause to reflect on what freedom means in present day terms.


Black in Mayberry founder Tanya Taylor, producer of the acclaimed 2021 Black in Mayberry documentary inspired by Black Lives Matter protests in El Segundo following the murder of George Floyd. Featured Los Angeles visual artist, artist instructor and owner of Buena Vista Art Studio Buena Johnson. Buena also was a former UCLA artist in residence and most recently appeared with the Band of Vices Art Gallery and showcased with the Los Angeles Lakers. 14 other highlighted acclaimed Los Angeles Black artistsCo-founder of ESMoA Eva Sweeney and Anefertiti Bowman, Executive Director of SoLA Contemporary.


Wednesday, June 19: Panel Discussion with Artists and Social Justice Leaders.                       
Panelists  will address the questions of “What is Freedom” and “Are We Free Yet”


Note: The exhibit is open from June 16 – June 23 with public viewings daily Monday-Saturday 12-5pm. Tanya Taylor will also be available to tour the exhibit with you anytime Monday-Saturday 12-5pm. Full schedule here.


910 Abbot Kinney Blvd.  Venice, CA 90291


 Today as African-Americans continue to suffer mass incarceration, police brutality, red lining, unequal school systems, and intersections that extend beyond us, we beg to ask the questions “What is freedom?” and “Are we truly free?” Whether it be the confinements of internalized racism or systemic racism, we must ask ourselves if we are still bound by chains that compromise our freedoms be they physical or psychological.

Tickets are $5-$65 and are available here. All proceeds go towards funding Black in Mayberry’s programs, projects and initiatives to combat racism.

About Black in Mayberry: Combatting Racism Through Arts

Black in Mayberry is a nonprofit organization with a mission to combat racism through the arts. The organization strives to create a society where diversity, inclusion, and equality thrive, fostering an environment of understanding, empathy, and appreciation for all. By leveraging artistic expression, Black in Mayberry aims to dismantle systemic racism and build a more equitable future.

El Segundo resident Tanya Taylor is the founder and Executive Director of Black in Mayberry and the producer of the 2021 Black in Mayberry documentary. In the film, inspired by Black Lives Matter protests in El Segundo following the murder of Geroge Floyd, the city’s residents share their experiences with racism with the aim to tell the stories that may not always be discussed between people of different races.  

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