Nalu Vida, the new kid on the block on Washington Square came in big on June 18, 2024.

It was a warm summer evening at the Venice Pier and the vibe was right.  Waves crashing in the background and the light warm breeze and salt air gave a perfect canvas for Nalu Vida’s kick off soiree. The overflow crowd of friendly local faces at this red carpet event enjoyed complimentary margaritas, beer, sliders, poke, one of Venice Paparazzi’s world famous Boomerang Photo Booths, and much more.  Los Angeles City Councilwoman Traci Park stopped in and awarded owners Christian and Justin with a Certificate of Recognition and the Venice Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony to commence the opening.

And of course our photographers were also on the scene to document it all.

About Nalu Vida:

Located at 1 Washington Blvd, we are the newest addition to the Washington Square, joining other nightlife staples The Venice Whaler, Hinano Cafe, Baja Cantina.

Where the rhythm of the waves meets the pulse of the tropics, our vibrant bar is a beachside escape, incorporating tropical elements from Central American, Polynesian, and Costa Rican cultures.
Sip on Tiki-style cocktails crafted by our talented bartenders or one of our signature shaved ice cocktails.
Our food menu is a fusion of flavors, where traditional Hawaiian dishes dance with the spicy rhythms of Latin cuisine, creating a range of taste that’s both exotic and familiar.
The sound of reggae fills the air. DJs spin deep reggae house, Dub, Calypso, and other genres of music that set the stage for unforgettable nights on the dance floor.
At Nalu Vida Venice, we invite you to lose yourself in the rhythm of the night, to indulge in the seductive allure of our beachy vibes, and to savor every moment in our tropical paradise.  View menu and happy menu!

View event and photo booth photos by Venice Paparazzi!

Bringing vibrancy to Washington Square, it was a packed house from open to close

Venice Paparazzi’s Edizen Stowell running the world famous Boomerang Booth

The owners and their crew!

Christian Warren, Justin, John Binder and others

Andrew Keegan and Venice Paparazzi’s Alex and Edizen Stowell

Christian Warren, Crash Carson and friends

Marky Lennon of the band Venice and friend

Alix Gucvosky, Carrot Top looking demonic, Guy O, and Christian Warren

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See you at Nalu Vida!

Nalu Vida isn’t just a bar—it’s a destination.

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