Event targeted by Venice Paparazzi:  07.27.14 Old Fashioned Day in the Park Annual Marina del Rey Vintage Boat and Car event at Burt0n Chace Park.

Plus, ride the water bus for only a $1. Good times and scenery in the Marina!  Click here for a  list of things to do in the Marina!

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Thanks to the Argonaut’s Michael Aushenker for writing the following article!  It tempted us to leave Venice to experience this event!  Who hoo!

Annual Marina del Rey vintage boat and car event is also a meet up for nostalgic New York transplants.  By Michael Aushenker

Every year, the Classic Yacht Association and Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors join forces to hold Old Fashioned Day in the Park, a glorious excuse to show off vintage boats and cars — some dating back to the 1920s — in what has become a Marina del Rey tradition since 1976.

“We love getting the boats out for people to enjoy and enjoy each other’s company,” Christine Rhohde, the Classic Yacht Association’s international staff commodore, treasurer and historian, said of the day-long event, which returns to Burton Chace Park on Saturday. “We always have a contingent of classic cars. It’s our opportunity to share all of the hard work that we put into the boats.”  Click here to read full article!


07.27.14 Old Fashioned Day event photo highlights.  Plus water bus ride in the Marina!  Photos by team Venice Paparazzi.  HireVP.com for your next event!

Marina del Rey-23 Marina del Rey-35 Marina del Rey-39 Marina del Rey-42 Marina del Rey-44 Marina del Rey-50 Marina del Rey-54 Marina del Rey-56 Marina del Rey-66 Marina del Rey-70 Marina del Rey-76 Marina del Rey-84 Marina del Rey-92 Marina del Rey-93

Ride the water bus for only a $1. Good times and scenery in the Marina!  

Marina del Rey-82 Marina del Rey-86 Marina del Rey-97 Marina del Rey-102Marina del Rey-113Marina del Rey-99 Marina del Rey-111Marina del Rey-106

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Click here for a  list of things to do in the Marina!

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