Kiss Me, Kate

Venice Paparazzi was on the scene at Burton Chace Park  for the the 19th Annual Marina del Rey Summer Concert series showing of the hit Broadway musical by Cole Porter, Kiss Me, Kate

And what a fantastic evening it was!

A serene evening by the water and under the stars by the water with the Marina del Rey Symphony  providing the soundtrack and an  ultra talented cast singing and acting in grand fashion!

It really was awesome!  A big fist bump to all those involved!

About the musical:

Winner of five Tony Awards in 1949, including the first ever award for Best Musical, Kiss Me, Kate is a musical masterpiece by composer Cole Porter and authors Sam and Bella Spewack that ran for over 1,000 performances on Broadway when it first premiered.

Inspired by Shakespeare, Kiss Me Kate delves into the theme of fraught relationships as it focuses on the on- and off-stage antics of two feuding romantic couples during a touring production of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew, plus plot twists involving a pair of unexpectedly erudite gangsters and a megalomaniacal U.S. Army general.

  • Production Credits:
  • Producing Director: Zeffin Quinn Hollis
  • Stage Director: Karen Culliver
  • Choreographer: Sylvie Goss

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