Gateway L.A.’s 15th Annual Holiday Concert

It was a wonderful afternoon at Gateway L.A.’s 15th Annual Holiday Concert held at the LAX Marriott!

Great food, a room full of friendly faces, an LAPD Pacific Division toy drive, and a spectacular show of vocal talent by the Angel City Chorale, the multi-generational chorale that recently won top honors on America’s Got Talent.

The crowd was wowed as the chorale went through a repertoire composed of Christmas carols, holiday classics, and pop tunes, including an imaginative arrangement of the Toto classic Africa.

And to top it off, proceeds from the event went to the following local charities!

  • Airport Marina Counseling Service – Airport Marina Counseling Service (AMCS) is a private, non-profit, outpatient mental health clinic that has been serving the greater LAX region since 1961.
  • EmpowerTech – Using the wonders of modern assistive technology, EmpowerTech helps individuals with physical and developmental disabilities by providing them with computerized wheelchairs, communication equipment, etc.
  • Westchester Family YMCA – Youth & Government Program – promoting leadership skills, character values, and civic engagement in teens.
  • Los Angeles Fire Department Station No. 95.


About GatewayLA: Located at the front door to Los Angeles, the GatewayLA Business Improvement District is at the cutting edge of the airport’s land-side modernization program, a stone’s throw away from the new NFL stadium in Inglewood and home to the largest concentration of hotel rooms in the City of Angels.

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GatewayLA’s Laurie Hughes, EmpowerTech’s Joan Anderson, AMCS’s Eden Balis, YMCA- Westchester’s John Loussararian, and Michael D’Amodio

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