Photo:  Sammy Graham  and  CT Fletcher

05.24.14  Muscle Beach/Venice Power Lift-Off at the iconic Muscle Beach Gym in Venice, Ca. Presented by Ivanko Barbell Company.   Event produced by Joe Joe Wheatley Productions.


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Power Liftoff-11

Power Liftoff-2 Power Liftoff-3 Power Liftoff-7  Power Liftoff-9

Music and sound brought to you by Charlie, Chuck LaMantia & Kellie LaMantia of Strength and Power Productions.

Power Liftoff-10

Event producers Joe and Christine Wheatley. Power Liftoff-12 Power Liftoff-13 Power Liftoff-14 Power Liftoff-17 Power Liftoff-18 Power Liftoff-19 Power Liftoff-20 Power Liftoff-22 Power Liftoff-23 Power Liftoff-24 Power Liftoff-25 Power Liftoff-26 Power Liftoff-27 Power Liftoff-28 Power Liftoff-29 Power Liftoff-30 Power Liftoff-31 Power Liftoff-32 Power Liftoff-33 Power Liftoff-34 Power Liftoff-35 Power Liftoff-36 Power Liftoff-37 Power Liftoff-38 Power Liftoff-39

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Photos by Venice Paparazzi.  All photos courtesy of Gold’s Gym.  Know your strength!


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