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Visit or paint at the Venice Art Walls.  Also known as the Venice Graffiti Walls.   The Venice Art Walls are located on the sand in Venice Beach.

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These historic walls were originally part of the Venice Pavilion that was built in 1961. The specific area where these walls are located was called “The Pit” or the “Graffiti Pit”. During this period the walls were often painted with graffiti style murals. It was technically illegal to paint the walls then, but was generally tolerated by the police and was loved by the community. In 1999, the Pavilion was torn down but a portion of the walls were preserved as a living memorial to the high quality artwork that had been painted on the walls for over twenty-five years.  In 2000, it became legal to paint the walls and the area was renamed the Venice Graffiti Walls.   In 2007, the walls were renamed the Venice Public Art Walls or the Venice Art Walls for short.

1800 Ocean Front Walk.  Venice, CA 90291.  |  310.399.2775

The Venice Public Art Walls are located on the sand in the heart of Venice Beach, west of the bike path between Windward Street to the south and Market Street to the north. The walls are located about a quarter mile north of where Venice Boulevard meets the beach. The Bike Path that runs along the beach will drop you off directly at the Venice Art Walls coming from Santa Monica or from Marina Del Rey.



  • Artists with a valid permit are invited to express themselves and paint on the walls.
  • Open to painting during daylight hours on weekends and City of L.A.  holidays only.
  • The walls will be closed for painting on weekdays.
  • The walls were managed by ICU Art – In Creative Unity, which is a Venice based arts organization that has been curating the walls since the year 2000.
  • The STP Foundation are the new curators for this historic landmark.

As of June 3, 2007 every person painting in the Venice Art Walls area will be required to have a permit. If you paint or mark any surface in the Venice Art Walls area without a permit you will be given a ticket for vandalism by the LAPD or the Park Rangers. You may apply for a permit in person (on-site), over the Internet or via fax. The physical permit itself will be issued by the On-site Supervisor the day you will be painting. Permits are free of charge, and are issued only by ICU Art. Permits are valid for one day only and must be returned at the end of the day.

In order to obtain a Painting Permit, artists must fill out an Artist Agreement and you must submit a valid form of government issued picture identification.  For more permit and rule info, visit

The STP Foundation  are the new curators for this historic landmark.
818.446.6787  or [email protected]


Who can paint?  Just about anyone!

For more permit and rule info, visit


Video of the Venice Art Walls Benefit Auction. 2009. Hosted by ICU ART. (Past curators of the Venice Art Walls.  Click here for photos

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