2018 is your year!  Let’s dump any dead weight, and dial in your routine with self advancing perfection.  Join the 22 day break and create habits challenge!

Take the Break and Create a Habit in 22 Days Challenge!

WHEN DOES IT START?  You decide the starting date.
WHEN DOES THE CHALLENGE END? 22 days after your starting date.
WHY 22 DAYS? It has been said that it takes 21 days to break or create a habit. We just added that extra day, because, why not go the extra distance, and challenge ourselves a little bit more.

1. Find a partner to participate with you, so you can hold each other accountable.
2. Decide on one habit that you want to break, and one habit that you want to create, and then commit to those actions for 22 days.
3. Optional: Post what your intentions on BreakAndCreateHabits.com, and visit us often for motivation and inspiration from fellow “Break and Create Habits’ participants.
4. After the 22 days, share with us your accomplishments and experience on BreakAndCreateHabits.com.

You can potentially create 16 new habits and break 16 bad habits in one year. Isn’t it incredible, a small system can be so valuable.

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Let’s do this! Go team!  BreakAndCreateHabits.com

Thank You to Our Partners