It’s your Venice! Vote in today’s June 2nd Venice Neighborhood Council Election!

VNC Elections are Sunday, June 2nd from 10am – 6pm at the Oakwood Recreation Center, 767 California Ave, Venice.

Here is a message from the Venice Neighborhood Council.

Neighborhood Council elections happen every two years. Together, LA’s 99 Neighborhood Councils form the grassroots level of the City’s government. While Neighborhood Council board members serve their communities as volunteers, they are public officials elected by the members of their community.

About Neighborhood Council Elections. 

Your Neighborhood Council is your community’s voice at City Hall. Together, LA’s 99 Neighborhood Councils form the grassroots level of the Los Angeles city government.

Unlike other municipal, state, or federal elections, Neighborhood Council elections are open to anyone who is part of the fabric of daily life in a community. A Council’s stakeholders include those who live, work, or own property or a business there. Also included are “community interest stakeholders,” who have another type of ongoing, substantial involvement within a Council’s boundaries, such as students (or parents of students) at a school, or members of a church.

Voters and board members need not be US citizens or legal residents to qualify. Participation is also open to the formerly incarcerated.



The polls will open from 10am to 6pm at the Oakwood Recreation Center, 767 California Ave, Venice, CA 90291 (as long as you are in line by 6pm, you can still VOTE!)


Information on Voter eligibility is available on the website ( and FREE transportation at (


Voter Requirements!  What to bring with you on election day!

At Neighborhood Council elections, voters always fill out a short registration form at the polls before casting their ballots. You are not pre-registered to vote even if you are already registered to vote in national elections – or even if you’ve voted in a Neighborhood Council election previously.

Please be aware that in order to vote, you will need to bring proof of your stakeholder status to this election. Because of this, please bring documentation to the polls with you, proving: 1) who you are; 2) that you’re of voting age for this election; and 3) that you are a stakeholder of the community that this Council serves.

If you live within the Neighborhood Council boundaries, a photo ID with your birthdate and a local address on it may be all you need to qualify to vote in this election. If you are not a local resident, or don’t have an ID with these features, many other types of documents are accepted as proof of stakeholder status. See a list of examples here:

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