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• V E N I C E • C A L I F O R N I A • Learning how to make myself happy took years to figure out. I forced my hand when I chose to live alone; which was scary initially. At first, loneliness was a real consideration. It creeps in when you're weak. You'll be sitting there, agitated, nervously searching for an escape, expecting contentment to kick into gear because you want it so badly. But contentment doesn't show up to the unworthy. Contentment is earned through meditation and humility, from absolving yourself of want or care, to remain in the moment and appreciate the simple breath in your lungs and pulse in your veins. The small things that allow us to do great big things. It's about acknowledging what makes today whatever you want it to be, and that ultimately comes down to you and the lens you use to view the world. To find contentment is to stoke the eternal inner fire. To know yourself, your aims, happiness drivers, all of it. It hinges on the comfort in your skin. The large events in my life have provided the greatest noble truth, which is to know, really know, that life isn't meant to be solo show. The daily act of living is improved in every way when it's shared. Song of the Day: Hop Along – “Powerful Man”

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Kunne godt lige en gåtur på Venice Beach.

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venice beach aesthetic ☀️

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