Join Simmzy’s Beer Club!

It is 2020 and time to shine!  Here are a two ideas to help you have the best year ever:  Stay well hydrated and  join a social club full of interesting, good looking folks.

You  get both by joining the almost brand spanking new, Simmzy’s Beer Club.  Check out the list of perks below!


Simmzy’s is the undisputed beer boss of Washington Square!  

Simmzy’s has it all!   26 ice cold taps of carefully curated craft brew, an ultra fresh menu with offerings including  the Big Blue Bacon Deluxe Burger, seared albacore salad, Brussel sprouts, fish tacos, and more, as well as a super chill, friendly staff.

On top of that, Simmzy’s brews their own signature line of beers right here in Burbank.  Tips Up IPA, Beach Cruiser Blonde, Redondo Red, and Night Surfing Imperial Stout are just a few of their spectacular, in house, brews available.

And they are real serious about their beer.   After only a few months of  their beer being in the pubs, the team traveled to Denver, CO in 2017 and entered the contests of all contests for beer, The Great American Beer Festival.  And while they did not win, they were real close and got very positive feed back on all three entries, Tips Up, Beach Cruiser Blond, and Simmzy’s Porter.  True to form, the crew competed again in 2018 and  2019!

Furthermore,  they even have a special weekend brunch menu stacked with favorites like Loco Moco, Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast, and the Chorizo Burrito.

And it gets even better!  Simmzy’s had added an off the charts Cubano Libre sandwich, shrimp tacos, and their locally, world famous Billionaire Burger to the menu permanently!

On top of all that, this steps from the sand breezy gem is family and dog friendly.

Get on down to Simmzy’s!  You will be glad you did!

37 W. Washington Blvd. Venice, CA 90292.  424-835-6580.

Check out their super rad menu and new menu items!





See you at Simmzy’s!  

37 W. Washington Blvd. Venice, CA 90292. 424-835-6580.

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