Take advantage of Hotel Erwin’s Beachbucks, and lock in low room rates for all of 2020!

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ERWIN BEACHBUCKS gift certificates can be purchased in 1 to 4-night combinations.  When you purchase now, you (or whoever receives) locks in a single rate for the rest of the year.  And you can redeem on any date through December 31, 2020. No fuss, no hassles, and flexibility to travel when you are ready.  Just subject to the availability of the hotel.  Regardless of what room prices increase to in the future, your price is locked in now and will not go up, period.

We’re keeping it simple for you:

  • $189 + tax per night you purchase
  • WAIVED facility fee  (additional $25 nightly value)

That’s it!  Locked in value, flexibility, and peace-of-mind. Give the gift of a stay-way (or treat yourself to some beachtime!) … Vitamin SEA is calling!

Take advantage now!  Buy Erwin’s Beachbucks, and lock in a low rate for all of 2020!

Photo taken Pre-Covid19. © VenicePaparazzi.com

About Hotel Erwin: 

We don’t want to date ourselves, but Hotel Erwin has remained a Venice Beach staple since 1975.  The man behind our hotel is a local legend — though he’ll never admit it — and his vision to welcome all travelers and treat them like family still influences our hospitality today.

Here at Hotel Erwin, we give our guests an unmistakably Venice Beach experience. Our vibrant rooms and event spaces capture a unique aesthetic that sets the scene for any occasion. Not only do we put guests right next to the beach, but we’re also steps away from the area’s famed shopping, dining, and activities. When you finally return back to the hotel, find your way up to the roof where High Lounge will have your perfect social media backdrop… or grab a slice and a beer and watch the vibe of Venice on our low-key patio for Venice Way Pizza.

Photos courtesy of Hotel Erwin

Get your Erwin Beachbucks now, and lock in a low rate for all of 2020!

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