Wondering when local favorite James Beach will be open for dining in? Plus, check out today’s special menu!

Here is a message from owners James Evans and Daniel Samakow.

An open letter to our dear guests, friends and staff about when we’ll open at James’ Beach

We’ve been honored to be receiving daily calls and questions about when we’ll be re opening our restaurant so we thought we’d tell you what’s up.

All of us hunger for a return to normal. James’ Beach was one of the first restaurants to open for pick up and delivery in Venice. We did so to support the needs of our customers and community with the comfort and familiarity that our food and style provides, while discounting prices to help out during these uncertain economic times. We did this while also being one of the first restaurants in our area to block access into the restaurant and offer contact free pick up. So, since we were one of the first to open for pick up, why aren’t we one of the first to open for in-restaurant dining? We have a patio, what’s the wait?

Well first, we’ve been doing the work to be ready. During this time we’ve been learning and training our kitchen, staff and management about the important nuances of how to keep them and you safe. We’ve instituted UVC cleaning of our premises along with added sanitizer stations, daily temperature checks and other protocols going beyond the guidelines of the Public Health Dept and CDC. We are undertaking a renovation of the dining room,which includes opening up the ceiling and skylights to create greater airflow and removing the carpet and reupholstering to make a new level of cleaning possible. On our patio we are sanitizing, painting, adding necessary dividers between booths, glass guards, distancing tables and replacing fans to improve natural air movement.

We’ve also been giving mindful thought to what all this means and monitoring the pace of the pandemic. While we too ache to return to the feel of normalcy, we feel the safety of you all is our top priority.
We’ve been dismayed that in a survey of Los Angeles restaurants approximately 1/2 that opened were not following CDC protocols.

We’ve watched people in Venice without masks in large groups. While many of our community and customers are younger people and may believe that they can get Covid and not get sick enough to be hospitalized, this is not always true. Plus by getting Covid a younger person could inadvertently pass it on to someone with a pre-existing condition that could make it life threatening for them. We’re all in this together.

Over the 24 years we’ve been open you, our guests and friends have trusted your health and the health of your families and friends and now their families to our care. There is nothing we consider more important than your safety and the safety of our staff.

We will continue to move forward in good faith with our improvements, training and learning all the while as we continue our pick up and delivery. Thank you for that support! We do so with the belief that we’ll one day, hopefully soon, be able to open safely. When we do it will be the patio first, with some tables in the clubhouse window seats and a few distant tables in that airy space. This will only happen when we know we can do it properly. It may not be as relaxed or normal feeling as some other places, but you’ll know that we’re doing everything and more that the CDC requires and our opening will be a sign to you that we now feel we can do it and keep you and us safe. The need for making money, pressure to be open for a holiday and even staying in business will not push us to open before that belief is firm in our minds.

When we finally re open our dining room you’ll see that there will be changes to that beloved space. While we hope you like them, understand that these changes will also make you safer.

These are serious times. This is a serious pandemic. We have the responsibility to do no less than our best in doing this job. We’re also taking this time, working on our menu because we want to delight you with our food and keep you healthy if you take the opportunity to come out to be with us. Please understand and bear with us. We love you, miss you and will be seeing you soon, when the time is right.

All our best!  Stay healthy and hopeful. We’ll get through this.

❤️ James and Daniel


About James Beach:

James’ Beach is a Venice Beach institution.  An iconic restaurant and bar now celebrating 24 years in Venice, California. James’ Beach has over the years earned a loyal following of lovers of American Comfort food,  great drinks, an award winning wine list plus marvelous people watching.  Los Angeles Times food critic, Irene Virbila reviewed that the straightforward cuisine, friendly service, and beach ambiance made James’ Beach “as comfortable as a favorite sweater.”

So who is James?

James Evans is the namesake and one of the two co-owners of this beach side hangout. He moved from San Francisco to Venice in 1975. James worked at some of the iconic early Venice eateries, starting at the famous Robert’s restaurant and later becoming the General Manager of Tony Bill, Dudley Moore and Liza Minnelli’s famous 72 Market Street.

In 1982 James met artist and business person, Daniel Samakow. The pair hit it off and together, 24 years later, in 1996, and opened the big brass gates of James’ Beach for the first time.

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They will be serving your favorite comfort food and beverages (cocktails, beer and wine to go) for pick-up and delivery Wednesday through Monday 1:00 to 8:30 p.m.

  • See their full menu and daily specials at Jamesbeach.com.
  • Call 310-823-5396 for pick up orders.
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James’ Beach.  60 North Venice Blvd. Venice, California. 90291

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