Here is a message from Good Cop Bad Cop!

Outdoors, no walls, no ceiling, a fresh on-shore breeze and unlimited space for social distance, Good Cop Bad Cop will take it back to the beach, Sat, Dec 26.

Setup will be on sand, next to Venice Pier, marina side (between berm (sand hill) and pier. (Location is close to liquor stores and public restrooms.)

This will be GCBC’s fourth beach performance during pandemic. It’s proven to be a unique, fun, feel-good time for fans and homeys, old and new.

Christmas weekend, GCBC will add some holiday songs- for a touch of “holiday vibe.”

They’ll be using their regular sound system- same they’ve used for over 200 performances at Venice’s historic Hinano Cafe.

Inform your friends, bring what you want to be comfy- and y’all come feel good.

  • Date:  Sat, Dec 26, 1:30 – 5:30
  • Location:  Venice Fishing Pier

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