Here is what’s open in Venice!

Great news!  Venice is Opening Up!

As of this right now most of the Venice Beach Recreation Center is open.

One important detail is that some of the park has fallen into disrepair, so Rec. and Parks and L.A. Sanitation will be doing some maintenance before all the amenities are open for play.  But, the great news is now there is nothing stopping the good folks of Venice and beyond from utilizing most of our awesome oceanfront facility.

One of the basketball rim blockers has been removed, so it’s game on for that one court.   The weight pit bleachers will not be unfenced, as crowds might gather there.

The handball courts have been cleared and are being cleaned and painted.  They are scheduled to open on April 19.

There is a work order out to get new ropes in the sandbox, and to bring the rings back down.

The weight pit will not be open right away and we will update as the info. comes in.

Paddle tennis is open for doubles.

The Venice Skate Park had been open, and great for the skaters for handling it themselves.

The Skate Dance Plaza will not be open just as there is some work to do, but it is eligible.

The beach is open and the County has even put up volleyball nets, so side out, buddy!

The bike path is open!   Get the map, rent from Jay’s Rentals and cruise the coast!

The Venice Pier is still closed until around May for repairs.

The outdoor kid’s play stations by the beach are also open!

Restaurants are open for outdoor patio dining, takeout, and have 50% indoor!  Click here for recommendations.

Need a hotel?  Check out Hotel Erwin (currently holding a 30% off special) and Venice Breeze Suites!

And here is where to park!

And how about a big middle finger to the virus. Bam!

Thank You to Our Partners