Ever been jogging down the beach and run into a seal in distress, or a pelican with broken wing?  How about a seagull tangled up in fishing line?  Gutting, isn’t it?

Well, most folks know not to try an approach the animals, but not every knows how to get a hold of the experts.

If you see a sick animal, do not approach! Contact Marina Animal Rescue at 1-800-39- WHALE

Marine Animal Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in El Segundo, California. They rescue sick and injured marine wildlife 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

Response Area: Pacific Palisades to Long Beach & Catalina Island.

Photo courtesy of Marine Animal Rescue


-Peter Wallerstein, President & Founder.


  • Stay Back:  Federal law requires that you stay 100 yards away from the animal
  • Keep dogs away
  • Notify lifeguard
  • Maintain visual

Provide Marina Animal Rescue the following info:

  • A photo
  • Location
  • Is the animal alert?
  • How Big is it?


  • disturb
  • try to catch it
  • Scare it into the water
  • Cover in blanket
  • Feed it
  • Take close photos

MAR’s founder Peter Wallerstein.  Photo by Steve McCrank

View situations of injures and illnesses

Check out our 2018 interview with Marine Animal Rescue’s Peter Wallerstein.

For more  info on Marina Animal Rescue:

Phone:  (800)-39-4253

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