It is time to get your politics on Venice!

June 7 is the day, so read up, research, and educate yourself so that you can make good choices with your vote.  Our friends at the Westside Current put together a great Voters Guide, complete with candidate profiles.  You can view it here

Not only is the Mayor’s job up for grabs, so are many City Council seats, including the one that is in charge of Venice and the West Side.  As well, the election includes the City Attorney, Sheriff,  City Controller,  and more.

S0, if you have been looking around at Venice and L.A. lately and thinking; WTF, who is in charge here, then now is your chance to vote in someone you think will do better.

Regarding the race for Council District 11, the office currently held by Mike Bonin, there are 8 candidates gunning for this spot.   It is an interesting slate, and as with most races, people seem to come out of nowhere to lay claim to the job.  Some have a slate of big endorsements, giant pocketbooks, or the backing of the current politicians. Some have a list of injustices they vow to correct.  Some have the perfect, balanced, common sense  recipe for all to live in harmony in a fair and just world.

Over here at Venice Paparazzi we stay out of politics and focus on the happy news and positive things that unite the community.  However, looking at the shit show that has been and is going, we are jumping in on this.

We know a guy…….We know a guy who has actually been around Venice, participating  consistently for over two decades.  Here is partial list of his community involvement.  I challenge you to find a candidate on the slate that can match this:

  • Two-term President of the Venice Neighborhood Council
  • Founder and Chair of the Westside Regional Alliance of Councils (WRAC)
  • Board Member and volunteer for countless community organizations, including Venice Arts.
  • Co founder of Venice Art Crawl, along with Venice Paparazzi’s Edizen Stowell, and Daniel Samakow
  • President of the City of Los Angeles’ West Los Angeles Area Planning Commission

He is not a political insider, but he has worked in proximity to the City government.   This is huge!  It means he  understands the system  from actual experience, and yet is not beholden to political donors, or to party lines.  This matters a lot as we don’t want more of the same.

The person that we see most fit for the job is an attorney, so has a keen working knowledge of the law.   On day one he will be ready to go. He does not need schooling and there will be no missed opportunities.   This is very important!  Newbies have a learning curve, and that makes them much less efficient, especially in the beginning.  We have no time for that.

This guy lives in Venice with his family, plays is a band,  and has skin in the game.

This guy is Mike Newhouse.  Check out newhouseforla.com to learn more!


Enjoy this slideshow of photos of Mike Newhouse from the Venice Paparazzi archives 2009- present.


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