Ecole Claire Fontaine’s Graduation

It was a cuteness overload at the 2019 Ecole Claire Fontaine graduation!  And, Venice Paparazzi was on the scene! View pics below!

About Ecole Claire Fontaine Ecole Claire Fontaine immerses 2-7 year old children in the English, French and Spanish languages on two garden-style campuses. Founded nearly 30 years ago by director Joelle Dumas in Venice, California, ECF encourages a child’s curiosity and natural, holistic growth. Organic breakfast, lunch and snacks are prepared daily with fresh fruit and vegetables from our local farmer’s market.  For more info:

Center: Ecole Claire Fontaine’s founder Joelle Dumas at the 2019 ECF Graduation

Here is a message from Ecole Claire Fontaine:

Living Well Together through Art, Language & Nature

The curtain opened on a story for the ages – Une enfance pour la Vie – a childhood for a lifetime of living well together. The three kingdoms of Ecole Claire Fontaine were illuminated through a spectacle of Art, Language and Nature that brought to a close the 2019-2020 academic year.

Under twinkling lights, the evening program began with children and teachers backstage, and happy families awaiting the action.

School founder and director, Mme Joëlle Dumas introduced the show as a “beautiful walk through the elements of a child’s life…”

Showcasing respect for Nature and one another, the players delighted their audience with vignettes crafted beautifully by ECF’s remarkable team of educators and children.

Art included Dance & Movement, Music & Singing, Crafts & Textiles, to an exploration of Degas, Kandinski, Monet and Van Gogh, Café de Flore in Paris, a classical ballet studio, fashion & rock shows. The languages celebrated – French, English & Spanish – are spoken everyday on our campuses. Exploring Nature, actors came alive as animals, flowers, insects, plants and trees, all living in harmony.

Tying together this tale of life was the thread of kindness…

Thank you to the Venice community, all of our students and the Ecole Claire Fontaine team for 30 spectacular years of exceptional graduations.  Thank you to Venice Paparazzi.

View 2019 Graduation photos by Venice Paparazzi.

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Calling all kids ages 2-7 years old!  Come play at Ecole Claire Fontaine’s International Summer Camp by the Sea.

Speak French & Spanish, eat organic food, explore the gardens, splash in the water… Flexible schedule through August 9th.

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