The Venice Sign

Spanning across Windward Avenue at Pacific, the VENICE Sign in lights is a modern day replica of the one originally installed in 1905 by the legendary Abbot Kinney.

It is a defining symbol of Venice, past and present.

In 2007, the Venice Sign Restoration Project recreated and installed the contemporary version of this historic sign. Since that time the Venice Chamber has been responsible for the sign and for protecting its trademark.

Join the global club of folks who have a photo with Venice’s most recognizable back drop, The Venice Sign.

Visitors are invited to photograph the sign for their personal use and enjoyment.

Wait at the traffic light until the walk signal appears, then run out in front of the sign and strike a pose!  You have about a 30 second window to get your shot before the cars start coming.  Tag it, Post it, Share it! @VeniceSign and @VeniceBeachFun.  Enjoy!

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