Venice Paparazzi was on the scene at the 21st Annual Venice Surf-A-Thon at the Venice Breakwater on Dec. 20th, 2014.  View event photo highlights below!

The Venice Surf-A-Thon is founded and organized by  Ger-I Lewis.  Here is a message from Ger-I.  “I Founded the Venice Surf-A-Thon in 1993 after returning home from military service. I wished to do something for our community.”  Nice!  Thank you Ger-I for 21 years of the Venice Surf-A-Thon!

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2014 Venice Surf-A-Thon photo highlights by Venice Paparazzi’s Edizen

Venice Surf-A-Thon-251

In this photo:  Brock, Seven Adams, Jacques Djjacques Aureille, Victor Blue, Diana Foster, Tonan, Jeff Ho, Brad Titus, Alex Stowell, Andie, Ger-I Lewis and friends!

Venice Surf-A-Thon-93

Tonan and Venice Surf-A-Thon founder Ger-I Lewis.  Congratulations on 21 years!

Venice Surf-A-Thon-10

Venice Surf-A-Thon-33

Venice Surf-A-Thon  Judges

Venice Surf-A-Thon-237

Far right:  Bart Sarik and son

Venice Surf-A-Thon-12

Venice Surf-A-Thon-23

Venice Surf-A-Thon-124

Venice Surf-A-Thon-188

Left:  Seven Adams

Venice Surf-A-Thon-194Venice Surf-A-Thon-195

Venice Surf-A-Thon-87

Jeff Ho, Andy and Jeremy

Venice Surf-A-Thon-112

Venice Surf-A-Thon-196

Venice Surf-A-Thon-109

Right: Jacques Djjacques Aureille

Venice Surf-A-Thon-209

Venice Surf-A-Thon-271Venice Surf-A-Thon-5 Venice Surf-A-Thon-14Venice Surf-A-Thon-25  Venice Surf-A-Thon-53Venice Surf-A-Thon-55Venice Surf-A-Thon-58Venice Surf-A-Thon-75Venice Surf-A-Thon-80 Venice Surf-A-Thon-130Venice Surf-A-Thon-136Venice Surf-A-Thon-137Venice Surf-A-Thon-139Venice Surf-A-Thon-145Venice Surf-A-Thon-148Venice Surf-A-Thon-155

Heidi Lemmon

Venice Surf-A-Thon-160Venice Surf-A-Thon-231Venice Surf-A-Thon-276Venice Surf-A-Thon-154

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