Here is a message from House of Devon’s Devon Steigerwald.

CBS, KTLA, ABC, and more outlets are covering how we are losing so many animals in shelters due to being euthanized from overcrowding from being dumped by bad owners, economy, and mostly dumping now that COVID is lightening up.
3,741 of 12,547 (30%) of the animals in their care between July and November were killed.  We’re talking about healthy, happy, and YOUNG PUPS! I’ve been working along with some of the most radical group of women made up of well known rescues including ambassadors, fosters, and volunteers. But we all are extended, not funded enough for the amount of help needed, and refuse to stop giving these animals the chance they deserve.


  • Hanks Legacy Foundation
  • Furry Flights To Freedom
  • I Love Rescue
  • Saving Riverside Shelter Dogs
  • Giselles legacy
  • Furrytail Endings
  • Pacific Pups Rescue
  • Underdog Heroes
  • Bubbles Dog Rescue

Interested in adopting or fostering?  Come visit us on March. 4th at the Venice Whaler, 10 a.m. -2:00 p.m.

Contact Devon Steigerwald (House Of Devon) or Help Rescue me!

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