Gerry Fialka hosts a celebration of the Beats in Venice with Suzy Williams “LA’s Diva Deluxe” & stellar band. Delve deep into Venice West Cafe & Sponto Gallery history, with great music & live poets, songs by Jack Kerouac, Linda Albertano, Laurence Ferlinghetti, Slim Galliard, John Haig, Diz, Bird, Babs, Monk, Eden Ahbez and all the local cats.
Jack Kerouac, author of ON THE ROAD, introduced the phrase “Beat Generation” in 1948 to characterize a perceived underground, anti-conformist youth movement. Venice West Cafe at 7 Dudley Ave in Venice, California was one of the birthplaces of this free-spirited literature and art movement. The Beats shared themes of spirituality, environmental awareness and political activism.

Here’s what Venice Community activist Linda Lucks had to say about Venice Beats!

“The 2022 Venice Beats event at The Venice West was phenomenal!  The best show ever. I’m so thrilled to have experienced the evening with the most talented people – performing. . . the sax player Carol Chaikin, Kahlil Sabbagh, Brad Kay, Pegarty Long, and more. Eric Ahlberg knocked it out of the park! Producer/host Gerry Fialka and singer Suzy Williams outdid themselves. Wow wow wow! They MUST do it again. I was blown away.”

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