The 4th Annual Venice Ladies Jam Skate Contest was an epic event!

Hosted by Venice Beach Recreation and Parks in conjunction with Skate Park Association International, ladies of all ages came out to roll,  blast and carve Venice’s oceanfront skatepark.

The  volunteer  OG Jam crew: Heidi Lemmon, Jeff Greenwood, Brandon Field, Brian Martin, Lonny Hiramoto, Kimi Kallman, Steve Wright, and Earl Okinaka did a fantastic job of organizing the event while Bart Saric of Skater Made and Skateboard Hall of Famer Cindy Whitehead held down the MC duties.

It was a great community effort and day all around!  The sponsors came in big with a stacked table of products,  incentivizing the skaters bring their A game every run.  The City pressure washed the park, Jesse Martinez arrived at 5:00 a.m. to do some last minute cleaning, the photographers came to document, the crowd came to cheer, and most importantly, the ladies came to skate.

We are already looking forward to next year!

View 2019 winners list, photos by Heidi Lemmon and Chris Hooten, and the 2019 OG Jam Series’ event schedule below.

Results from OG Jam Series

Legendary dagger Eddie Regeatu giving deck to masters winner and Air Force vet Nicole Noller.  Photo by Heidi Lemmon


Top pro Hanna Zanzi with Amy getting a new setup from Powell for “harshest bail.”  Photo by Heidi Lemmon

Skateboard Hall of Fame and Dogtown local Cris Dawson with skateboard Hall of Fame Laura Thornhill Caswell. Photo by Heidi Lemmon

Venice Ladies Skate Jam’s Emcee Bart Saric of Skater Made.  Photo by Heidi Lemmon

Heidi Lemmon with ladies jam sponsors: Jeff Bustos “Mulch” and Travis Perrin “Millenium” skateboards. Photo by Heidi Lemmon

OG Kimi Kallman, SHOF & Girl is not a 4 letter word’s Cindy Whitehead, and skate mom.  Photo by Heidi Lemmon


View photos by epic skate photographer Chris Hooten

Thank you Chris Hooten for sharing your epic skate photos!   Also in this photo Kevin and Charley. Photo by Heidi Lemmon

View the 2019 OG Jam Series’ Event Schedule!

Here is a message from OG Jam Series.

2019 OG Jam Series is about ready to roll. We’re still signing up sponsors and working on some final details, but this year of expansion is about to start in Fontana on May 18th.

New for this year is we are expanding to NorCal for a whole rival series to SoCal. Another thing is we are now Not Free (Membership is required: but we are still really cheap to enter!). Our website linked in our profile has all the gritty details but we are more than excited to bring together a lot more OG bowl riders this year throughout California. We should have Membership registration opened up in the next day or two and we’ll post that up too when it’s ready.

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