Recent event covered: 03.05.11 National Skateboard Association Venice Am Series.  Event coverage by Matthew Smith

DESCRIPTION: The Venice Am is an Amateur skateboard competition organized by Jeff Stern, the founder of the National Skateboard Association.  The contest consisted of three events: snake run/mini bowl, street, and pool. All three were highly competitive and amazing to watch. 

HIGHLIGHTS: The highlights were definitely the finals of all three events. The energy present in the skaters electrified the crowd and created a truly memorable day.

 skate (1 of 1)-19
 skate (1 of 1)-29
 skate (1 of 1)-23
 skate (1 of 1)-22
 skate (1 of 1)-64
 skate (1 of 1)-47

RESULTS: Snake run/ mini bowl- Eddie “Mighty” Moreno, Street- Matt Lemond, Pool- Lance Newton. (These are the winners)
View additional photos of this event, click on the “View photos button below.  Event coverage by Matthew Smith

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