Here is a message from Full Circle Venice‘s Co-Founder Andrew Keegan.

No Parents. No Counselors. No Rules!

That was the tagline of my first full length feature film, Camp Nowhere (1994). Our teenage characters wanted to escape another boring summer, so our crew in the movie hatched a mischievous plan to be sent to an authority-free camp for a week. Left to their own devices, they concocted a free-flowing experience where they had to overcome many challenges at a lakeside campground that was once a commune.

Nearly a quarter-of-a-century later, my life came full circle–literally! Longing for a more fulfilling and connected human experience, a team of co-creators and I hatched a full-hearted movement, opening up a guru-free, sacred space where people can gather, meditate, learn, and celebrate. Initiated by The Co-Creator’s Handbook, we formed a dynamic community called Full Circle Venice in the 111-year-old Rose Temple across the street from Google, three blocks from the beach.

No Bosses. No Investors. Love Rules!

These past three years have been an incredible journey. I am so honored to have had the experience of co-creating a world with more love, and I am extremely grateful for all the many relationships that have been developed and enriched at Full Circle. We announced earlier this month that we will be shuttering our operations at the Rose Temple; February 28 is our last day. As we are winding down, it occurred to me that screening this film would be a light hearted way to look way back to the ’90s to see how much we have grown as a culture–and have a few laughs.

This event will be a fundraiser for Full Circle, with a $15 suggested donation that includes popcorn! Donations will be used to help us keep signature programming like our Sunday Activ888 ceremony going in a new space. We’ll have more news to announce soon about how the Full Circle movement will continue!

From Camp Nowhere to co-creating everywhere, it’s been a magical experience! I hope you’ll join me and the Full Circle team for this special event during our final full week at the Rose Temple.

In Service,


Andrew Keegan
Full Circle Venice. www.fullcirclevenice.org


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