Venice Paparazzi is excited to partner up with TEDxVeniceBeach.

We will be sharing past TEDxVenice Beach talks to get us inspired and motivated.

Here is a message from TEDxVeniceBeach.

How can we reimagine or “take back” our city in a way that reflects the change we want to see?

Beloved local artist @rubenrojas spoke to us about his method: transform the walls.  His little seen, inspirational talk is as important as ever.  “I choose to bring life to a neglected wall that may dare you to dream, to feel beautiful, to challenge you to live in a possibility, and to love.”

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About TEDxVeniceBeach:  In the spirit of ideas worth sharing, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events drawing smart, engaged people together around stimulating TED talks and fun activities and the idea-sharing mission of TED to thousands of vibrant communities across the globe. With its enduring innovative and artistic spirit, its hardcore creative heart and its emergence as a technology hub, its brilliant residents and enthused visitors, Venice Beach is the ideal home for a TEDx conference.

#TEDxVeniceBeach 2020 will take place at our beautiful new, larger venue at 1010 Abbot Kinney Boulevard, right in the bullseye of the neighborhood.
Our last TEDxVeniceBeach event, with the theme of WILD THOUGHTS, took place at the iconic former Charley & Ray Eames factory on Abbot Kinney Boulevard thanks to our generous presenting partner Microsoft, and was considered a wild success.

Featured TEDxVeniceBeach Talk:  “Taking Back Our City One Wall At A Time” With Ruben Rojas.

About Ruben Rojas:   Ruben Rojas is an artist and co-founder of Beautify Earth. Through murals, paintings, corporate programs, and community activations, Ruben changes the way we view the world through art and collaboration. Using our urban environment as a canvas, Ruben shows us how and why he chooses to beautify earth. Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, Ruben Rojas is an artist, social impact entrepreneur, and co-founder of Beautify Earth.

Photo courtesy of TEDxVeniceBeach

Beautify Earth (BE) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with the mission of eliminating urban blight, by “painting the world in color,” and reimagining every bland wall into a canvas for inspiring urban creations. BE empowers artists, businesses, communities, and municipalities through action. The transformative power of art further inspires, motivates and instills pride in the community. Increased business revenue, massive community participation, and the “stop-and-look” effect of murals help to stimulate the local economy. BE continues to show that when art becomes the norm in place of urban blight, the world is a happier, more colorful, and peaceful place.

Through his work he hopes to inspire the communities he paints in, reshape the conversations people have and beautify the typical boring bland walls into something unique and inspiring.

For more info: rubenrojas.com and beautifyearth.com/nonprofit.

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