Hey Venice! Want a 2 block, 3 story mega development in Venice’s last open space?

There is a fight under way regarding the “Reese-Davidson Community” proposed mega development for the large parking lot/open space at Venice Blvd and Pacific.  It has been nicknamed the Monster in the Median or Monster on the Venice Canals.

The proposed would be constructed on a 2.8-acre parcel in a residential area straddling Grand Canal at the Venice Boulevard entrance to Venice Beach, a block from the southern edge of the Venice Boardwalk.  It would be a 3 story, 2 block long, mega development on  Venice and Pacific, built by  Venice Community Housing Corp. and Hollywood Community Housing Corp.

There is a group called Fight Back Venice that are challenging this project, you can learn about everything on their site.

The first hearing was Wed., Jan. 13, at 9:30 a.m.  It was a call in hearing, as is standard with all things during the virus era.  The no’s edged out the yes’s 48 to 42.
There is some debate as to whether  the supporters of the project are actual Venice residents or not.
For more info:  fightbackvenice.org/venice-canals-monster. Also check out the video below!


For more info on Fight Back Venice:  FightBackVenice.org


If you already know about the project and oppose it … take action now!  Send our One-Click Email — fightbackvenice.org/oppose-reese-davidson-project/

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