RIP Scott Anderson, founder of AquaTech Glassing, and of Anderson Surfboards.  

The surf world has lost a true heavy weight.  Local legend Scott Anderson passed away on Jan. 18, 2021 from cancer!   Read about his life, watch some videos, check out photos, hear statements from friends and family, and more in the article below!

About:  Started in 1988 by Scott Anderson in his back garden before moving to their present location in California. Anderson surfboards and the glassing factory Aquatech have made over 20,000 top end amateur and professional surfboards and longboards using only the latest materials and techniques.

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We found the following 2014 photos of of Scott Anderson in the Venice Paparazzi photo archives.


Scott Anderson is fiberglassing one of his own Malibu Long Division Surfboard – Farberow Model.  © 2014 Venice Paparazzi.

© 2014 Venice Paparazzi.

Local surfer and AquaTech’s Justin Swartz repairing a surfboard. Justin has been hanging out at AquaTech since they opened in 88′.  © 2014 Venice Paparazzi.  Aquatech-8

Photo wall at Aquatech.  © 2014 Venice Paparazzi.


Venice Paparazzi’s Alex Stowell is happy to get his Anderson board back.  © 2014 Venice Paparazzi.

Meet Your Shaper: Scott Anderson.   Video by Mollusk Surf Shop

We found these warm messages online!  RIP Scott!  You will be missed!

Justin Swartz

My tears fall as I write this not from the passing of an Idol, mentor, and most importantly a true great friend that always made time, but with appreciation Scott touched by giving so much to his community an beyond with his passion, smiles, laughter, inspiration, guidance, friendships, and the list goes on. He gave everyone the attention who walked through the door of Aquatech or at the beach the same smile and jokes no matter if you were a grom, pro, bro or another person asking for a deal(or job) he gave everyone the time and opportunity.

Scott was a true staple to the surf community and his legacy will go forever.  Scott was the hardest worker I knew and his craftsmanship was at the finest with having having some of the best surfers in the world riding his boards. There is no other shaper who has had the impact of surfers from South Bay to Malibu like Scott Anderson.

From the first board I ordered from him at 10 years old, to riding my bike to aquatech as a grom hanging all day while interrupting everyone working to ask every possible question, goof around, fiddling with every board, tasks around the factory that led to part time job, supporting me through my surf career, my spontaneous world travels(even if they weren’t for surf), college, to jobs that took me away,  being the repair guy, and teaching me the art and craftsmanship of surfboard building that has allowed me to do as a full time job now. Scott support every crazy idea I had on board designs, world views, things around the shop, my surfing, to make me way too many boards for upcoming contests I couldn’t make up my mind which one was more magic.

When I started shaping he gave me so much tough love with support and believed in me to let me go on my own but still there to lend a hand and check on each other with a call, text or seeing each other as much as possible.

Never thought and don’t want to post this but since Scott has moved through this chapter I write this with with candle lit and sending so much love and respect for Scott Anderson and his family. I will see you in the future my friend sharing toobs on designs we come up with together.  Forever a legend in this universe.

Scott Anderson. Photo by Justin Swartz

13 years ago I tried to spin up a side hustle with Scott Anderson called, didn’t go too far, but I cut this video of him shaping at the old shop on Glenco, great times there. I wish I would have made more trips to the South Bay to his new shop to hang. Beyond words… RIP Scott.

Jacques Djjacques Aureille

RIP  Scott Anderson.  Friend, Shaper, Community surf guru, amazing human, legend.  You will be Missed my friend.

Richard Powell

Malibu Surfing Association Club shot, I think this was 2004 or 2005. There are a lot of Anderson’s in this shot, Scott and Glen made the Lion’s share of the boards for our members.

Photo courtesy of Richard Powell

Richard Powell

Saw this posted one someone’s wall last night, it’s a short clip on Scott that did an excellent job of capturing him in under 2 minutes.

RIP Scott Anderson.  First off my deepest condolences to Scott’s wife and kids, my heart goes out to them. My heart goes out to Rick Massie as well, Scott was like a father to him. My heart goes out to all of us, we lost a main player in our world yesterday.
He was a good friend to all of us, he had a great sense of humor (He could bag hard with the best of them), he cared, he was nice, he was humble (He didn’t have the “I’m a shaper” God Complex), he worked his ass off, he was and always will be one of the boyz. His business was a local institution. It’s just so surreal that he is gone, because more than anything he has always been a present force in our world.
Years ago Mike Baldwin (RIP) had Scott make my son Jake his first surfboard when he was a kid, then Ricky did the airbrush on the board which said “JVKES FIRST BOARD” on a brick wall in graffiti style writing. The A upside down to make a V and all, if you know then you know. It was a surprise and it was an incredible gift. Some of the happiest times I ever had with Jake was teaching him to surf when he was younger on that board.
Thank you for making us all such rad boards over the decades. Besides Jakes board my next favorite was the infamous board with the airbrush of Bart Simpson with a slingshot that said “VBWL Man”, so dam good! That one made a lot of people stoked and others it extremely pissed off, it was an awesome board!
It’s very weird and sad to imagine a world without Scott in it, he’s always been such a huge part of our world. You’ll be extremely missed my friend. Massive love and respect to you always man.  “We lost a legend today”

Photos courtesy of Josh Bagel Klassman

Brian Averill

Venice and the entire surf community lost a legend yesterday. Scott Anderson (and the incredible boards he shaped) touched countless lives and spread immeasurable joy. I took this at the breakwater yesterday before I’d heard the news. Pretty sure it’s the ocean waving goodbye. My deepest condolences to his family and friends. RIP SA 🙏🏼

Photo by Brian Avrill

A message from Stacy Anderson

On behalf of the family, thank you to everyone for all the love and support. The pictures, reflections and stories that you have shared of Scott are truly heartfelt and much appreciated. Also, they are grateful for all the food and flowers.  However, the family has limited space and at this time they’ve asked that if you are inclined to show support, that you do so by making a donation to the Saint Johns Cancer Center at  behalf of the “Melanoma Cancer Research in Honor of Scott Anderson.”

Image courtesy of Stacy Anderson

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