R.I.P. Jay Adams! Original Dogtown Z-Boy!

Venice has lost one of its own! Jay Adams, 53, died of a heart attack on Aug. 15 while surfing in Mexico.  He is survived by his wife Tracy, 19-year-old son Seven and 12-year-old daughter Venice.  On Aug. 30th, many came out to pay respect to Dogtown Z-Boy Jay Adams and family at the memorial and paddle out at the Venice Pier.  It was a beautiful ceremony.  View event photo highlights below.  Click here to view all 600+ images by Venice Paparazzi.

08.30.14 Paddle Out and Memorial event photo highlights.

Jay Adams-189

Jay Adams-93

Jay Adams-591  10178138_724032907633945_467161225728042739_n

Chris Dawson

Jay Adams-300

Jay Adams-86

Jay Adams-96

Josh “Bagel” Klassman, Allen Sarlo, Anthony Ruiz, Jeff Ho, Shawn Briley, Kalani Robb, Tim Jackson, Aaron Murray, Scott Oster, Christian Hosoi

Jay Adams-97

Jay Adams-125

Mark Vercelli and Peggi Oki

 Jay Adams-132

Perry Ferrall and kids

Jay Adams-140

Victor Blue

Jay Adams-155

Bart Saric and Mary

 Jay Adams-203Jay Adams-205Jay Adams-211Jay Adams-228Jay Adams-263  Jay Adams-295Jay Adams-331Jay Adams-324

Jay Adams-321

Seven Adams

Jay Adams-307

Seven Adams, Simon Ebling and Solo Scott

Jay Adams-340

Allen Sarlo

Jay Adams-346

Jay Adams-335

Solo Scott


Jay Adams-333

Jeff Ho and Peggi Oki

Jay Adams-332

Bagel and Seven


Jay Adams-350

Jay Adams-349

Christian Hosoi and Seven Adams

Jay Adams-351

Christian Hosoi

Jay Adams-360Jay Adams-378Jay Adams-385

Jay Adams’ son Seven

Jay Adams-395Jay Adams-406

Jeremy Parker, Victor Blue, John McClure, Strider Wasilewski, Alan Sarlo, Jim Muir, Jeff Ho, Rick Massie, Mark Partain, George Wilson, John Hinds, Wayne Saunders, Ricky Tavares

Jay Adams-411Jay Adams-419

Jay Adams-174

Jay Adams-422

Jim Muir

Jay Adams-431Jay Adams-434Jay Adams-437Jay Adams-439Jay Adams-488

Jeff Ho

Jay Adams-492Jay Adams-502Jay Adams-506Jay Adams-509

Christian Hosoi

Jay Adams-576

Jay Adams-254Jay Adams-258

Jay Adams-267

Jay Adams-582Jay Adams-590

Jay Adams-567



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