Muscle Beach, California is often called the “heart and soul of bodybuilding and fitness”. Ever since it’s conception on the sands of Santa Monica in the late 1940’s, Muscle Beach has attracted visitors from around the world. Muscle Beach eventually relocated to Venice Beach, and it still attacts countless visitors who love to view the hard-muscled people who train in the famous outdoor weight area known as “The Pit”.

The spirit of Muscle Beach is kept alive by three bodybuilding and fitness events held each year on Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day. One of the highlights of these contests is the awarding of an inductee into the Muscle Beach Hall of Fame. To gain entrance into the Muscle Beach Hall of Fame a person must have contributed something that helps to increase the awareness of the popularity of bodybuilding and fitness.  The awards were first given out in 2003, and since then 57 bodybuilding and fitness luminaries have been inducted into the Muscle Beach Hall of Fame. These include such famous names as Steve Reeves, Joe Gold, Jack LaLanne, Joe Weider, Corey Everson, Bill Pearl, and many others. Their entrance into the MBHOF is marked by a bronze plaque that is permanently enshrined around the weight pen area of Muscle Beach Venice.


However, the constant exposure to the destructive effects of salt-water laced air has had a very damaging effect on the plaques to the extent that many of them are unreadable.  Sadly, no funds have been provided to upkeep these plaques, which require periodic maintenance to remove the corrosive effects of exposure to sea air.  Unless something is done to repair and tune-up these plaques, they will fade into nothingness. These plaques represent the accomplishments and careers of the brightest bodybuilding and fitness stars, and should be a source of pride for all those who engage in bodybuilding and fitness activities. This fund is set up to provide money to both repair and maintain these MBHOF plaques so that they can continue to represent a bit of living history and pride for all those who visit Muscle Beach. In conjunction and to coincide with the renovation and Grand Opening of the weight pen, we’d like to raise enough funds by late April/early May 2018. Please show your support for this effort by contributing to this fund. Anything will help, from 5 dollars and up. All the money that is generated by this fund will go to the renovation and maintenance of the MBHOF plaques..

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Did you know that Venice Paparazzi has documented Muscle Beach Venice events since 2005!  View photos of Muscle Beach Hall of Fame of Award recipients below.

Muscle Beach Venice Ca. Event coverage by Venice Paparazzi.


In this photo:  Hall of Fame Awardee Joe Weider and wife Betty Weider

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joe Wieder on stage at Muscle Beach Gym

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Joe Wheatley, Lou Ferrigno, Stan Lee, Councilman Mike Bonin


Lou Ferrigno and Stan Lee (creator of Spiderman, Thor, Iron Man, The Hulk, etc) at the  2013 Muscle Beach Championships.


Venice Paparazzi’s Edizen and Stan Lee.   Edizen got the only signed copy of this Muscle Beach Hall of Fame poster from Stan Lee.  Woo hoo!


Al Pacinio presents Eddie Guiliani with the Hall of Fame Award at the 07.04.12 Mr & Ms. Muscle Beach


In this photo:  Hall of Fame Awardee Eddie Guiliani

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In this photo: Lee Labrada  awarded the Hall of Fame Award at the 09.01.14 Muscle Beach Championships


Betty Weider received lifetime achievement award in 2012


Lenda Murry and Bette Weider

Muscle Beach Venice Ca. Event coverage by Venice Paparazzi.

Center back:  Muscle Beach Venice‘s Event producer Joe Wheatley


Venice Paparazzi banner on stage at the iconic Muscle Beach Gym in Venice, California.  So cool!


Venice Paparazzi’s Edizen Stowell and Gertrude on stage at Muscle Beach Gym

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