Re-live the best of 2021 & 2020

Venice Paparazzi started on the Venice Boardwalk in 2003.  Since then, we have covered over 1,000+ events, and have grown into Venice’s premiere media outlet for local events, Venice information, community spotlights, and more.  

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View 2021 photo galleries below!

Venice Boys and Girls Club’s Gala

Rey Diogo’s Jiu Jitsu Tournament

LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce Installation

Venice Car Show fundraiser for the Venice Mexican American Traquero Monument 

Venice Beach Sports Day Event photos

Venice Beach Sports Day Photo Booth photos

08.28.21 Celebration of Life:  Paul Williams

08.21.21. Venice Beach Summer Sports Day Photo Booth

Marina Drum Circle

07.29.21. Marina Movie Night

06.19.21 Creative Communal Makers at RUNWAY Playa Vista

06.13.21 Fitness event at RUNWAY Playa Vista

05.29.21 Graduation photos at RUNWAY Playa Vista

05.01.21 Free Market at Runway Playa Vista

March 28th. Photos with the Easter Bunny

March 27th. Photos with the Easter Bunny

04.03.21 Easter at Runway

04.13.21 Venice Beach Mat Rollout

02.27.21 Marina Movie Night

02. 14.21 Marina Movie Night

02.14.21 Runway Playa Vista’s Mini – Valentines


View 2020 photo galleries below!

 27th Annual Venice Surf-a-thon by Chris Hooten and Heidi Lemmon

2020 Halloween at Runway

June 5, 2020 Pier to Pier Peaceful Protest by Chance Foreman

May 2nd Protest in Venice (Abbot Kinney Blvd. Lincoln Blvd., Rose Ave, and Venice Blvd.

May 31, 2020 Venice and Santa Monica Protest by Chance Foreman

March 17, Double Rainbow in Venice

2020 Venice Beach Mardi Gras Parade by Samuel Goldstein and Andrew Goetze

Feb. 2020, LA Art Run:  Venice Beach Fun

Jan. 2020, LA Art Show

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